Plague Rampant Hedonist

Usually this hedonism infect the students who come from rural-author does not, once again did not mean to speak ill of our brothers from the village in question, but here are students from the village "is not strong faith." They are exposed to the shock and stutter culture (culture shock). Previously they were from cultures maintained in the parental control environment and society. However, after a student no one watching and away from parents so they can do anything. Initially they came to campus intending to study and become a model student. When it entered the desired dikampus their weak power to see temptation, falling in tangled relationships damaged. Plus, the environment they live in "boarding-lodging house." Friend of the boarders are also greatly affect the spread of this epidemic, as said in the beginning, hedonism is the world together to elevate himself. Do not want to lose. Seeing her friend have fun showing off the couple and insulting 'not selling' for those who are not dating. Can not stand humbled, then the student (i) it will come to imitate. There was a wasp, sucking honey until satisfied, not responsible, spells out the ultimate, "You know, we're both not ready for marriage."

It was a heinous nature of the campus intelligentsia, which should be a figure dimasyarakatnya leader. Giving all that is best for society. But it was so bitter reality. We certainly agree, man hedonist like that, do not deserve to be leader dimasyarakatnya later. Not that they were forbidden to mingle, it's just that, they should choose the friend in the mix. Friends hang out that brings us to the good, or bring us to the ugliness if we do not have a strong faith. Once again emphasized, it is self-destructive hedonism, stay away from the understanding that selectively interact with, do not follow the friend only to maintain the "prestige", bring yourselves to Allah SWT, remember you'll definitely be back to his sides, and you must be held accountable for the your youth, kemunafikanmu in society and your parents. [] Kaharuddin Eka Putra.

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