Being a Good Teacher

 Definition TeachersFirst we should emphasize first is the definition / meaning of the teachers themselves. Is the teacher someone who taught us mathematics, Indonesian language, social studies or science? the answer is "it's part of their job, but it's not the definition of teacher." Then what? The teacher is an "educator", educators are people who assume responsibility for guiding (Ramayulis, 1982:42) "try to specify more of an educator!", Well, not the same as teacher educators because teaching is part of the task of educators, a teacher just make the process of subject matter or by editors in other words "knowledge transfer" to the students and the highest indicators of success (achievement) of a teacher is when the person who taught (students) understand well with material that has been taught. while the educator is not only responsible for delivering course material to students, but also shape the personality of a protégé of high value. (Ramayulis, 1998:36)
 Nature of Teachers by Imam Al-Ghazali then what tasks an educator (teacher), by Imam Al Ghazali in his book Ihyaa Ulumuddin, Teachers and perfect it must be intelligent minds, as well as good teachers and strong physical ruqyah With the perfection of reason he can have a variety of science in depth, and with good ruqyah he can be an example and role model for his pupils, and with his physical strength he can perform teaching duties, educate and lead children students.
 10 The nature of the Special Master addition there are 10 special properties that must be owned by teachers, namely: First, if the practice of teaching is a skill and profession of a teacher, then the most important characteristics that must be possessed was compassion. This property is considered important because it can cause a sense of confidence and a sense of confidence, self-disciple to his teacher. This in turn could create a situation that encourages students to master the science that is taught by a teacher.
Second, because it teaches science is a religious obligation for every person wise (clever), then a teacher should not be demanding wage for his efforts to teach him that. A teacher should imitate the Prophet Muhammad. who teach science only because God, so that by teaching that he can bertaqarrub to God. Similarly, a teacher asked for pity is not justified by his students, but otherwise he should thank his students or disciples reward if he succeeded in building the mental and soul. Pupils have been given an opportunity to teachers to close the Almighty God. But this can happen if the teachers and students are in one place, science is taught is limited to the sciences that are simple, without requiring a special place, facilities and so forth. But if teachers are teaching must come from distant places, all the means which supports the teaching should be given with large amounts of funds, as well as other factors should be sought with no small amount of funds, it will be hard to do when his teacher teaching activities are not given that welfare benefits adequate.

Third, a good teacher should function also as a director and instructor of honest and right in front of her students. He must not let the pupils learn the lesson that higher before mastering the previous lesson. He also should not let time pass without any warning to his students that the purpose of teaching that is closer to Allah SWT. And not to pursue the rank, status and things that are mundane. A teacher should not be immersed in the rivalry, disputes and quarrels with other fellow teachers. Fourth, the teaching activities of a teacher should use a sympathetic way, subtle and not use violence, insults, curses and so on. In this connection, a teacher should not expose errors or disseminate his students in public, because of how it can cause the child to students who have a hard life, defiant, disobedient and hostile to his teacher. And if this situation occurs can lead to situations that do not support for the implementation of good teaching.
Fifth, a good teacher should also appear as a good example or role model in the presence of his disciples. In this connection, a teacher should be tolerant and willing to appreciate the expertise of others. A teacher should not condemn the sciences that are not keahliannnya or specialty. Habits of a teacher who denounce science teachers and science teachers fiqh fiqh hadith and tafsir denounced teachers, are teachers who are not good. (Al-Ghazali, 50) Sixth, a good teacher must also have a principle to admit the existence of differences in the potential of individual students and treat it in accordance with the degree of difference was owned by his students. In this connection, Al-Ghazali advises that teachers limit themselves in teaching according to student understanding limits, and he rightly did not provide lessons that can not be reached by reason his students, because it can cause a sense of antipathy or damage the common student. (Al-Ghazali, 51)
Seventh, a good teacher according to Al-Ghazali was a teacher who in addition to understanding the different levels of ability and intelligence of his students, as well as understand the talent, character and kejiawaannya pupils in accordance with the level of age difference. To students whose capacity is less, should a teacher do not teach things that are complicated even though the teacher's control. If this is not done by the teacher, then it can lead to teachers feeling less happy, nervous and hesitant. Eighth, a good teacher is a teacher who cling to the principle he was saying, and trying to make it happen in such a way. In this connection, Al-Ghazali reminded that a teacher should never do anything contrary to the principles put forward. Conversely, if it is done will cause a loss of teacher authority. He will be the target of insults and mockery which in turn will cause him to lose the ability to manage students. He no longer directs or be able to give instructions to his disciples.
Ninth, teacher evaluation (process measure and assess) of its students must be objective. Not differentiate students because of the position of parents or relatives, because it would lead to conversation and also be tilted out of the social inequalities of his friends to another. Therefore, whoever he is teaching and education should be given the same punishment (penalty) and reward (appreciation) for the "right". Tenth, teachers are willing to admit mistakes done. Teachers are also human, not perfect and never wrong. When the teacher said something that was in fact false, then the teacher must apologize for his words and do not let the teacher insisted that he was always careful to maintain properly. It is intended that the nature of the self tawadduk teachers continue to grow and not be labeled that the teacher is one who takabbur / haughty or arrogant with dilakoninya profession.
Conclusion Of the ten special properties that must exist within a teacher, it can be deduced that a teacher is a good example and role model to her students, when teachers give something good then the better the child's pupils and vice versa when the teacher gives a bad example, too bad morals later disciples. So from me, hopefully this article can provide scientific contribution to our educational progress, and hopefully all prospective teachers and teachers in Indonesia to always provide the best for his students and help them achieve their goals of his childhood. We apologize for the mistake and thanks for reading. [KEP: Kaharuddin Eka Putra]

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