Free Or Die

FREE .. FREE .. FREE Namuna, after the declaration of independence of the Republic of Indonesia by Sukarno, was Indonesia still could not calm down with the threats of invaders. Fist of the Indonesian people that states "The struggle and the defense of Motherland" echoed throughout the universe. Evidently, in the early months of the proclamation of independence becomes a thick moment with the values Cinta Tanah Air. Starting with the general meeting, the formation of rows of struggle, deprivation of weapons, graffiti graffiti, and a supremely powerful that the youth ranks to send messengers to all parts of the country to deliver news of struggle, all of it by one word "FREE". Graffiti wall and a poster is a record of determination statement, the struggle of political attitudes and information channel. Speaking on the outside world and the nation itself which is the idealism of the national revolution and the struggle for independence, one of which is illustrated fist poster reading "Unity, Freedom" is a poster made on the messenger bung Karno. Soedjojono creative ideas come from and painted by Affandi and Chairil Anwar as text processing, which gives the impression that we are united together with our independence.

However, it is the struggle for independence would not likely be won only with meetings and posters and graffiti wall, the most decisive factor is the willingness and the willingness to struggle and sacrifice, to achieve an independent word. However, from another perspective. Until recently (early 2011) the Indonesian people still do not feel real independence, the desire for freedom from oppressors tie / rotten rats, independent of the unscrupulous money-eating people, independent from the soaring price of basic foods, independent of electricity costs and expenses water continues to increase without improving quality, independent of the cost of education, free from hypocrites, independent of stingy officials, independent of the arrogant leader, free from individual professors who mercenary, independent of the leader who is not trustworthy and independent of p. Other bad things are still much more.
Appreciate the services of former heroes, who are willing to sacrifice full of red sweat blood to win back from the hands of colonial Indonesia (Netherlands, Japan) who wishes to treat the host as cash cows, to seize the word independence. O my fellow students, we are the successors of the heroes of the struggle of defenders of the nation, guard our homeland, we keep the pride of our nation from the hands of those who want to destroy the unity of the nation. Let us cultivate in ourselves and then we cry together "united we FREE" [] Kaharuddin Eka Putra

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